Welcome  to my site, yay!! I am so thrilled to be sharing you my passion for photography and the stories of each person I became friends by capturing them through my lenses. This is what I love to do, as it is my most passionate thing to do growing up. I learned that we would never be the same as we are constantly evolving in the future. Each day presents us with small imperfect moments that string together our lives, yet sometimes, we forget how to embrace our past. As we don't know what the future may hold for us, we can at least just enjoy the present. I may not remember every intricate event of my life and sometime makes me wish I could create a time machine and keep revisiting.

“We tell our friends stories at work, over dinner and drinks and, later, maybe we relay those stories again to new audiences. Humans live in stories every day and dream in stories all night long. We are all storytellers and story listeners.”

While I'm not out shooting and doing gymnastics at the same time, you could find me somewhere hiking, camping with my Shar Pei/Australian mix pup, Nala, relaxing at Strawberry Hot Spring, or at home reading, cooking, or singing out of tune while painting.


Here's few stories of my own...

I once dove into blue saltwater while hunting for lobsters at midnight, bought three oversized bags of canine food to feed every homeless dog I met in Costa Rica, road-tripped to several stunning places in Colorado with my first dog for a month, jumped off a 40 foot cliff in Arizona and faced my fear of entering a series of mountain fissures are all my favorite stories to share. However, I have many more, but first, I want to hear yours.


Another thing you must know about me...


Always on the search for the best infused jalapeño drink!


    Although, my grandfather, Granpy, whom was never a professional photographer created a stillness time machine of his life through his 35 mm film camera. Each picture he would write a caption narrating the event along with the date and location on the back of the photo. Throughout his life, he accumulated over 20 albums of his imperfect moments that created a timeline of his life. I will remember that everyone would huddle around Granpy and wait for him speak of the moments that transpired in each image. The love for creating visual moments of his life seeped into my soul after he departed. In the end I am grateful for the gift that was given to me, which is to witness and capture the stillness of the photograph. The moments when I press the shutter release button are filled with real feelings and emotions; they all happen both unintentionally and intentionally, figuratively and literally.


Let's connect and create a memory together as we will be exchanging hearts, minds, and souls; you and I.  Go over to the "contact" page to send me a quick hello.  It's a first step to creating a story together.  I can't wait!!!



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